For the launch of Samsung’s latest smartphone, M Social Auckland's façade was transformed into nine-storey-high live displays of the Galaxy Note9, which was the drawing pad for a live ‘draw off’ art challenge between two local artists.
Galaxy Note9
Lights Up
M Social

To celebrate the New Zealand launch of the latest Galaxy Note9 smartphone, Samsung hosted a VIP event at M Social Auckland with a twist – a live ‘draw off’ art challenge between local artists.

For the special event, the interior and outdoor terrace of Beast & Butterflies were transformed with innovative sculptures and tunes of Jupiter Project, a New Zealand electronic R&B duo. Sets of the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 were also placed around the restaurant space for media personalities and social influencers attending the event to experience.

Later in the evening, local artists Otis Frizzell, who is known for his graffiti art, and Callum Rooney, who works under the name Raw Power Print and is a former employee of Copthorne Hotel Harbour City, started their live ‘draw off’. Using projectors positioned at the building opposite the hotel, nine-storey high mirror displays of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 were projected live onto M Social Auckland's façade. The two artists competed head to head in real time to complete various drawings in different themes, while guests were also invited to have some fun to draw something “on” the hotel façade using the smartphone.

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