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Using gantry cranes which can handle heavy loads at great heights with more stability, the building modules are first hoisted into position before being assembled together to form a whole apartment.
Changing The Game With Innovative Building Technology

Since work commenced on The Brownstone Executive Condominium (EC) developed by CDL and TID Pte Ltd, the site has received many VIP visitors due to its innovative building technology. Among the visitors was Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development for Singapore, who visited the site to have a better understanding of how the advanced Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) method is applied. During his visit, Minister Lawrence Wong and other guests were shown a detailed presentation on the PPVC application and usage. After the presentation, they were brought on a tour to view a completed unit as well as prefinished kitchen and bathroom modules, and observe the hoisting as part of the PPVC module installation.

CDL worked closely with ADDP Architects and Teambuild Engineering & Construction to conceptualise and design The Brownstone and its constituent building modules to allow for a diversity of apartment configurations. The Brownstone EC will feature some 5,000 PPVC modules casted from 66 different mould designs, and is likely the world’s largest and first-of-its-kind application of concrete PPVC for a large-scale private residential development. By using the PPVC method, The Brownstone EC is expected to increase productivity by over 40%, compared to conventional construction methods.

The Brownstone EC, located at Canberra Drive, next to the future Canberra MRT station, is expected to be completed by January 2018.

CDL has adopted the groundbreaking PPVC advanced technology for The Brownstone EC. In PPVC, building modules complete with finishes, fixtures and fittings are manufactured off-site in factories, then transported to the site for installation in a ‘Lego-like’ manner.

World’s Largest Private Residential Concrete PPVC Application

Key facts
•    Site area: Approximately 28,562.5 square metres/ 307,447 square feet
•    Development layout: Eight 10- to 12-storey blocks
•    Number of apartments: 638
•    Configuration: Two- to four-bedroom units and five-bedroom penthouse units
•    Developer: Canvey Developments Pte Ltd
(A joint venture between CDL and TID Pte. Ltd.)

Key benefits
•    Productivity increase of over 40% is expected
•    Stringent quality control as modules are fabricated in controlled factory conditions
•    Enhanced worksite safety as fewer workers are required on-site
•    Improved worksite cleanliness as less construction debris is generated

Key Steps

1. 3D digital modelling

Using precise digital modelling, modules are designed according to the various apartment layouts. For The Brownstone, 66 mould designs were created, testament to its diverse apartment configurations.

2. Mould fabrication

Moulds are then produced in a controlled factory environment which enhances quality control.

3. Checks and set-ups

The moulds undergo cleaning, oiling and dimension checks to ensure that they are properly set up. A rebar cage is then lowered into each mould, along with mechanical and engineering fittings. The rebar cage helps to strengthen the concrete that is poured in subsequently.

4. Module formation

After the concrete is poured into the moulds, the building modules typically take about a day to form.

5. Finishings

After the building modules are formed, finishings such as flooring, wall tiles, paint and window frames, among others, are applied. The completed modules are then securely wrapped and transported to the site.

6. Installation

On site, the modules are assembled like “Lego” blocks, to form whole apartments seamlessly.

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