Staff setting up the Garden Kitchen for the special St. Patrick’s Day celebration, which saw an Irish twist to the weekend outdoor street food market at Bab Al Qasr.

The Festivities
At Bab Al Qasr’s
Garden Kitchen

At Bab Al Qasr’s Garden Kitchen, diners can make the most of their weekend while celebrating the festivities. Garden Kitchen is an outdoor Street Food Market located at the hotel’s garden area and boasts 15 food stalls with handcrafted flavours ranging from Middle Eastern and Asian specialties and European and American cuisine.

During a time when travel is difficult, Garden Kitchen offers a culinary exploration trip for guests to indulge in various cuisines from around the world.

Chefs at the live stations all ready to bring guests on an international gastronomy journey. Pictured above are the booths serving up Hawaiian, Chinese and Singaporean dishes.

A guest making his decision between Italian, Brazilian and Mexican dishes.

Diners can watch the chefs fire up the grills and prepare street food favourites such as burgers, sharwama and pasta, while the dessert stations offer up sweet delicacies such as cakes, mousses and tarts. Children also get to be entertained by the 2,000 square metre garden which is also next door to the playground and other sports facilities the hotel offers.

On top of the wide variety of food, Garden Kitchen has also run various special twists on its usual offerings to celebrate the festivities.

In March, Bab Al Qasr put an Irish spin on its weekend extravaganza to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which fell on 17 March. Visitors were greeted with a street food market bursting with Irish flavours, such as sausages and Irish Lamb Stew, to Irish Beer Cheesecake and Liquour Ice Creams. The garden was also decorated with clovers, thematic garlands, colourful balloons and leprechauns!

Stay tuned for more exciting twists to celebrate the festivities at Bab Al Qasr’s Garden Kitchen, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Garden Kitchen takes place every weekend from 1.00pm to 4.00pm and prices start from AED149. Please click here for more information.

Guests get to enjoy an array of international cuisine in an alfresco setting at Garden Kitchen.

The dessert station at Garden Kitchen offers a sweet ending to the gastro-journey, with delicacies such as donuts, cakes, waffles and ice cream.
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