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Bab Al Qasr’s Front Office Team with their Abu Dhabi Specialist Certificates, which were presented by the Abu Dhabi Travel Trade and Market Development Unit Head Mr Sultan Al Mansoori (3rd row, 2nd from right).

Bab Al Qasr
Is The First
Hotel To Receive
The Abu Dhabi

Bab Al Qasr in Abu Dhabi has reached another milestone, being the first hotel to have all its Front Office staff successfully completing and receiving the Abu Dhabi Specialist Certification.

The Abu Dhabi Specialist programme is developed by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism for travel industry professionals including travel agencies and hotels. It aims to equip these professionals with accurate and relevant information about the city and encourage them to continue promoting Abu Dhabi as a global tourist destination.

The Front Office team, with the support from the hotel’s Learning & Development Manager Mr Asela DeSilva, managed to complete the entire programme just a few weeks since it was launched. Through this programme, staff have shard that they are now better equipped to guide tourists.

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