The team from the Welsh Blood Service at the most recent blood donation clinic at Copthorne Cardiff in March this year.
Copthorne Cardiff
Lends Support To
The Welsh
Blood Service

The Welsh Blood Service has warmly thanked Copthorne Cardiff for their support and commitment the hotel has afforded, even during the pandemic. The hotel has been the venue for blood donation clinics, where the public can come by (on appointment basis) to donate blood.

About eight blood donation clinics, each lasting three days, have been held at the hotel. As at February 2021, a total of 1,019 donations were made, which comprised of 99 new donors, and the total donations received have potentially saved the lives of 3,057 adults or 6,114 new-born babies. Among the donors, 45 had also signed up to be on the Welsh Bone Marrow Registry.

The Welsh Blood Service has credited the success of these donation drives to the support provided by the Copthorne Cardiff team. Other than ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the venue, there was also sufficient heating, and the team was helpful in setting up the room with the necessary equipment needed. Copthorne Cardiff staff have also taken part as volunteers and donated blood!

The Welsh Blood Service most recently held a blood donation clinic in March this year, with upcoming sessions in April and May.

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